Monday, February 23, 2009

The winter of our discotheque

I still feel like dancing, but my body aches too much from this interminable winter.
The last few weeks have amounted to little more than a pile of tissues, and spoiled food in the fridge. A stomach bug has afflicted almost everyone I know this month. The nausea has given me a greater sense of cabin fever than I'm accustomed, and I'm still devouring blogs without writing much myself.

Local Bias keeps chugging along. Opeyemi Parham served as guest host recently, and I directed the program in lieu of Richard Roy, who was snowed in. Opeyemi is very smooth. Who voice is soft and clear, and her mind is bright and engaging. Dale C. Moss was the guest, and she was articulate in discussing homeopathy. Opeyemi is a medical doctor who has given up her practice, and as such, has been trained in allopathy. Interesting to learn that "quack" originally denigrated allopaths, who commonly used "quack" silver as part of their cure.

I encourage readers to research homeopathy.

Our next guest is May Ristich, who is the director of the Rennaisance Center in Gill. I've personally taken classes from May for over a dozen years. She teaches courses designed by Dr. Rosita Rodriguez of Arche International. I'm looking forward to my conversation with her on March 5th, which will air the following two weeks.

I intend to catalogue all the programs of "Local Bias" in the near future, and to have them available to those who request them.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are we this mad?

It is far past time to nationalize healthcare.
The system we have now, sucks.
It sucks the life out of the economy.
It hurts small businesses more than large.
It is inefficient.
It is cruel.
And it is very profitable for a very few.
Aside from the mind numbingly hysterical acolytes of the failed ideology of neo conservatism, who doesn't get it?
It begs a philosophical question:
What is the role of Government?
Are we not the Government?
As a society, if we abdicate our role, it will be filled.
It already has been.
In effect, we get the government we deserve.
Voting is not enough.
An obligation of citizens is to be well informed.
It also helps to understand there are no easy solutions, but there are plenty of stupid ones.
Throwing money at a problem won't make it go away.
But if you follow the money, you'll find the folly.
You can quote me on that last one; I just made it up.