Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dan Brown to appear

Renaissance man, Dan Brown is slated to tape an appearance on Local Bias for March 19th. Studio audience is always welcome. Doors at GCTV open at 10am, and feel free to watch as we set the studio, and produce the show.
Dan is a repeat guest. I know many deserving of appearing on Local Bias, but Dan is someone who I feel gives great value to whomever is tuning in. He's articulate, creative, compassionate and intelligent.
Dan has a regular "My Turn" column in The Recorder, and generally takes a view of national topics. His most recent column (3-10-2009) took a look at a couple of topics which are local in nature. One is the big box debate, and the other is the use of the tomahawk chop at Turners Falls sporting events.
Those of you who watch Local Bias are no doubt aware that I oppose big box development, especially Wal-Mart. Al Norman has offered to appear on Local Bias, debate media members, or public officials on the topic of the economic and environmental impact of a Wal-Mart, but has been refused so far.
I have no ax to grind in the tomahawk affair, and don't have a strong opinion about it. Call me insensitive.
Speaking with Dan earlier today, we decided that we would pay attention to the news, and decide what our focus will be closer to the show date.
Typically, the guests I have on Local Bias are expert, or passionate about one topic, and that is the subject of the show. Dan, is passionate about life, and expert, or at least thoughtful and well informed on a number of topics.
I hope you tune in.

Until next time.......