Thursday, February 25, 2010

Opeyemi Column Issues Manifesto Re Health Care

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Opeyemi’s manifesto by Opeyemi Parham.

It’s time to walk away from the beat grinder, folks. I am speaking --truth to power, in relation to our health. The WHOLE of our health. Holistic health. Mind, body, and spirit.

They drew a line in the sand. In their reality, I stepped over it.

In Massachusetts, we are penalized each April if we have not purchased the mandatory health insurance legislated by our state. This is NOT universal health care, nor is it health care for all. It is a coercive attempt to monopolize “health” by forcing us into the jaws of Big Pharma and corporate medicine.

Feel like I may be overstating my case? Check out the stock market’s response, as the “public option” section of Obama’s version of comprehensive health coverage gets mangled and co-opted in Washington. The insurance companies stocks are rocketing up.

This year I said “no” to the entire mess, and I mean it.

In Massachusetts, I can say “no” to mandatory health insurance if I have a sincere religious belief that conflicts with purchasing insurance. Well, I do. I believe the system that would be forcing this upon me is EVIL I believe that this system not only has no interest in my health; it actually has an interest in making me, and keeping me, chronically ill.

In order to claim my religious exemption, I must show that I use no medical care. No doctors. No emergency rooms. No hospitals. I am sure that this caveat in the law was influenced by Massachusetts being the birthplace of Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science movement. And, I am also sure that the arrogance of the state that birthed Harvard medical school assumes that no one in their right mind would claim such an exemption.

I am not a Christian Scientist, but my spiritual views on health are closer to the fringe than to the mainstream, these days. I had a religious experience back in 2005, that led me to question my entire world view and belief system. Up to now, I held that experience sacred/secret because it is not wise for a conventionally trained M.D. to use the “s” word when speaking about health and healing.

Not the “s” word sex,; the “s” word SPIRIT.

My spiritual experience left me on the wrong side of that line in the sand, drawn by the Bigheads on Beacon Hill. When push comes to shove, if you ask me to use conventional meds as prescribed by my state’s legislature, or be banned from using them at all, I will choose the side of the ban.

THEY drew the line in the sand. In their reality, I am stepping over it.

In my reality, I am dancing into spiritual evolution:

I’m stepping into clarity…
I’m walkin’ in my Power
I’m dancin magic in my life
Every day and every hour
I’m choosin’ to be usin’ the things I got
To make this world so fine
‘Cuz I am one unique expression,
of the great divine…
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