Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fraser Withdraws from 2nd Franklin State Rep Race

Fraser Withdraws from 2nd Franklin State Rep Race,
Endorses Wedegartner

Genevieve Fraser, an Orange resident and independent candidate for state representative for the 2nd Franklin District, has announced her withdrawal from the race and has endorsed Democrat, Roxann Wedegartner of Greenfield, one of five Democrats vying for the nomination.

“I’m a high energy person, but recently I developed photosensitivity and must avoid direct sunlight,” Fraser explained.  “Though I intend to remain extremely active and will maintain my political blog as a non-candidate,, this has put a damper on plans to campaign door to door and attend outdoor festivities throughout the summer.”

“Rather than continue on, I’ve decided to drop out and support the candidate whose views are most reflective of my own – Roxann Wedegartner,” Fraser continued.  “Roxanne has not only come out in favor of small-scale biomass as an economic driver – offering a clean, green, alternative to fossil fuel for business and industry -  she is a strong supporter of the rights of sportsmen and women to hunt and fish.”

“Roxann also shares my belief that Massachusetts needs a health care system that provides equal access to quality care for all its residents while controlling costs,” she continued. “The present system, which relies on a myriad of insurance providers, offers plans that require high deductibles and co-payments that make medical care unaffordable even for many of the insured.” 

“Roxann and I both support the creation of a Massachusetts Health Care Trust which would function as a public agency, or 'single payer', responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds required to provide health care services for every resident of the Commonwealth,” Fraser commented.

Fraser also plans to continue the Hot Topic Meet-Ups at Green Fields Market, 155 Main in Greenfield.  The next Meet-Up, “Health Care Matters” is scheduled for Saturday, July 10, starting at 11:00 am with an informal discussion, and continuing at 1:00 pm with a focused discussion. 

“I consider the Hot Topic Meet-Ups to be democracy-in-action, free and open to the public,” Fraser stated.  The schedule for additional Hot Topic Meet-Ups include Saturdays, August 21, Small Scale Biomass vs. Utility Biomass and Massachusetts Forest Management Practices; September 18, Maintaining Quality Education despite Financial Crisis; and October 16, Energy and Economic Development – Re-Industrializing the Region.

“I’m also organizing a Teach-In scheduled for September 25, ‘Farm, Field, and Forest: Living with the Land,’ which will take place in Orange,” Fraser continued.  The Teach-In will look at past and present practices on sustainable farming and forestry as well as bee keeping, maple sugaring, mushroom harvesting, sustenance hunting and fishing, and use of farm-based and other renewable energy sources from an historic and modern technology point of view.” 

  Genevieve Fraser can be reached at 978-544-1872.
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