Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fraser Returns To The Race

Fraser Returns to 2nd Franklin District
Campaign for State Rep

Genevieve Fraser, an Orange resident and Independent candidate for state representative for the 2nd Franklin District has announced that she will be returning to active campaigning, following an earlier withdrawal due to health concerns.  According to Secretary of State William Galvin’s Office, Fraser’s name will appear on the November 2nd ballot.

“Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with a debilitating form of inflammatory arthritis and was put on a very effective medicine which restored me to full mobility.  However, there was a warning that I forgot about once my symptoms ‘miraculously’ disappeared.  I was to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight,” Fraser explained.  

“After months of heavy campaigning, including one session that lasted for over 12 hours in direct sunlight, I experienced a variety of symptoms that sent me scrambling to doctors for tests.  Since then, the symptoms have cleared,” Fraser continued.  “But I now observe the warning and cover-up, and limit exposure to sunlight.”

“I look forward to resuming campaign activities and providing an independent voice regarding the many issues that face voters in the district,” Fraser stated.
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