Monday, December 13, 2010

Opeyemi Parham: Hooray For Bernie Sanders

I am a Mass resident who ALMOST made it to the big time.  I "maxed out" with an income of $106,000 a year when I worked as a physician in the prison system.
I am now "post consumer" in my lifestyle. Because I gave up my license to practice medicine along the way, I fit the box for "poor' these days; no regular income, living hand to mouth as a free lance health educator, taking small odd jobs as I find them.

That means I know how much $200,000 a year is, and how little under  $19,000 a year is for a family of four, and what middle income means.

What is happening in the senate today reminds me more than any other action to date that we are in the middle of the fall of our very own Roman Empire.

It is absolutely unethical and UNTHINKABLE that the continuation of the tax break to middle income Americans is being tied to a continuation of the tax break to those who will not be stimulating our economy, but continuing to eat, drink, and be merry as the rest of us go down in flames.

Shame on any senator who does not work to disentangle these two issues.

Hooray for Senator Bernie Sanders, who has the gumption to speak truth to power.

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