Friday, February 4, 2011

Egyptians Chant Bloody Freedom

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Egyptians Chant Bloody Freedom
By Genevieve Cora Fraser

Another day of rage
Freedom of expression
Explodes as pro and anti forces
Battle in Cairo square
As millions march to freedom
By horse and camel Mubarak
Supporter thugs gallop in
Strike fear, panic, whip and lash
Strike out charge
The revolutionary gathering
The rising tide of freedom
Pro-democracy seekers
Demand regime change
Chant freedom demand retribution
As the wounded are dragged away
The capital ablaze with passion
Molotov cocktails arc and daze
Left and right across Liberty
Square secret police forces
Mob rule on peaceful protests
Pro-government collaborators
Incite mayhem enforce past practices
Torture a tyrant’s tool 
Despotic controls rule push
Past the barricaded revolutionary
Doctors, farmers, students, shop keepers
Demand the end of tyranny
Create a make-shift holding cell
But cannot contain the evil 
Decades of repression
Pro-democracy heads bashed in
Stones fly, metal pipes
Sticks wound gunfire erupts
Tanks set-up positions
On the bridge military sentries
Wait as eye witnesses recap
Reports of shots in the head
The dead
Blood shed
Twitter Facebook
Feed hungry crowds
Muslim and Christian
Equals Egypt
As the total blackout
Blocking access lifts
Reveals a somber reality
Known by all
Mubarak is history
Waiting to be writ
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