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Opeyemi Parham on Dealing With Radiation

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HOLISTIC Approaches to Radiation fears for Mind, Body and

 SOUL: Pass them on!

Hello everyone. I have been posting information that I believe is helpful to maintaining balance and centeredness during these challenging times. what A blessing to have this information simply flow to me, through links, and blogs, and other web pages.

Here is some valuable information, posted through the H2O program (see http://www.h2opportunities.net/)

From Dori Midnight:
As you've probably heard, there may be some radiation moving across the
pacific in the next weeks heading towards the west coast from Japan. To keep
going, be alive, and not shut down, we need courage, nourishment, and
support - make a pot of soup!

1. SEAWEED: eat nori, put wakame, kombu, and hijiki in your soups and stews.
The iodine in kelp helps draw out the radiation and protect your thyroid
from radioactive uptake.
2. MISO: good medicine full of live cultures, amino acids, minerals, and
protein. I'd recommend making a big pot this week, having a bowl everyday
and feeding it to all your friends- recipe follows.

3. MUSHROOMS: strengthen your immune system with some shitake mushrooms,
sauteed or in soups.
4. Eat vegetables, especially DAIKON radishes and BURDOCK root- stick them
in your soup too or make a shredded salad (recipe below). Daikon has been
used for drawing out radiation, post nuclear fall out- it's cooling and

5. BATHS in epsom salt and baking soda (1 lb of salt, with a bit of baking
soda 2x week)
6. DRINK lots of WATER

7. IMMUNE support: do the things you know boost your immune system- sleep
well, eat garlic and Vitamin C rich foods, and go easy on the sugar.
8. LOVE: send prayers, love, healing thoughts for those who need it most.
Instead of freaking out or shutting down, let your anger, fear, and grief
flow- it's what makes us human and feel connected to what's going  on in the
 world right now. Crying is a potent way to detox, friends. (emphasis mine)

9. HERBS: if you want to get herbal, some great allies are nettle tea,
cilantro (eat a lot of it or take a tincture- it helps draw heavy metals out
), and milk thistle (helps your liver process toxins). Also Yarrow
Environmental Essence from FES is a beautiful formula to support the body in
environmental disasters.
Magical Medicinal Miso Soup
Saute one onion, sliced thin, til translucent. Add water, seaweed of choice
(I like Kombu and Wakame), shitake mushrooms (dried or fresh), burdock root,
carrots, and any other hearty roots you like. Simmer for 25 minutes.
I like to add shredded or sliced ginger near the end, so it's strong, and
some garlic, which I like really strong. You can also add greens, like kale
or spinach. Simmer another 5 minutes.
Because you don't want to boil your miso, I usually put a large dollop of
miso paste in my bowl and then pour the broth on top to dissolve it.
Drink and offer bowls to all your loved ones and neighbors, kiddos and pets,
family and friends.

Get your Daikon
Easy Shredded Salad
Shred carrot and daikon radish (2-3 roots)
Mix with sesame oil and a little umeboshi vinegar (also a great medicine!),
sesame seeds, whatever fresh herbs you've got on hand (I love mint or
cilantro), and a little tamari. Eat and feel alive and well thanks to the
plants, the sun, the water and the farmers.
Dori Midnight
community folk healing + magic + apothecary

And, this meditation from a channel for the Hawthors:

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon
Medicines of Light:
Protection and Healing from Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and

With the earthquake in New Zealand, followed by the earthquake in Japan, it
is clear that you have entered a more complex phase of the Chaotic Node.
We wish to impart a method for protection and healing from radiation
poisoning as well as other physical conditions. We call this Medicines of

This is obviously related to current events unfolding in Japan, however, as
future earth changes unfold, you may face similar challenges in your near
future from other locations around the world.
This method will assist you to both protect and heal yourself from exposure,
not only to radioactivity, but also to neurotoxins and to mutating forms of
bacteria and viruses. From our perspective you can expect to see an increase
of these in your near timeline.

The method involves connecting to your Celestial Soul, the BA. This action
is to connect to the realms of light that are a part of your being.
Everything that exists in your cosmos can be viewed as a qualification or
energetic expression of light—even your densest forms of matter are
essentially a form of light.

In this method you connect to your Celestial Soul, holding the intent and
expectation that it will impart to you an energetic that protects and/or
heals you. You send this intent to your Celestial Soul with the emotional
vibration of appreciation or gratitude. This is simply the vibrational
resonance that activates this higher aspect of your being.
Once you send this intent conjoined with appreciation or gratitude to your
BA, you shift your awareness into your heart chakra, receiving the energetic
of healing or protection into the heart chakra. You might experience this
energetic as a form of light, or as geometric patterns, or you may feel the
sensation of a descent of energy. You may also experience this energetic
simply as a thought/feeling.

Once the energetic is received in the heart chakra, it is ready to send.
For this phase you will need some pure water, since water holds this type of
information extremely well. Holding a container of water in your hands,
through intent, you send this energy that is in the heart chakra down the
arms into the hands and through the chakras that are in the center of each
palm. The energetic enters the water through this pathway.

We suggest you amplify this energetic by repeating the procedure three
times, for a total of three times—two more times in addition to the first.
You then drink the water. The water permeates the water element of your
body, and the healing and protective qualities eventually enter every cell.
Through this action you are qualifying light, causing it to descend through
the central pathway of your body into your heart and sending it into the
water element. The consciousness of the water receives this energetic, and
when you drink it, the body receives it.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been exposed to
radioactivity you would engage this procedure as we have described it,
qualifying the energy that descends from the BA to protect and heal you from
any possibility of radiation poisoning. If you have other means to protect
yourself, you should obviously engage these as well, but even if you are
left with nothing but the tools of your own consciousness, you can protect
and heal yourself.
If you have been exposed to neurotoxins you would do the same. If you are in
the midst of an epidemic that involves bacterial or viral infections, we
advise you to do the same.

As you collectively enter more deeply into this more complex and intense
phase of the Chaotic Node, bacteria and viruses will mutate faster. This
method will allow you to protect and heal yourself from these mutating life
It is important to understand that you are creating the protection and
healing through the powers of your own consciousness. You have direct access
to your own light realms. You have the sovereign right to engage the light
realms on your own behalf and on the behalf of your loved ones.

If you find yourself in one of these difficult situations we have described,
we suggest you take the Medicine of Light—which is the water that you have
charged—several times a day, as your intuition guides you.
The physical ramifications of the earthquake activity in Japan and the
resulting tsunami are very difficult to deal with. But we wish to shift our
attention from the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects
created by such a disaster,

Due to the fact that you are in a Chaotic Node and energies from deep space
conjoined with solar flare activity are affecting your energy bodies, you,
as a collective, are more affected. What we mean by this is that witnessing
the suffering of your fellow humans shatters the heart. There is a
recognition that their predicament could easily be yours. This recognition
can create an opening in your heart, and it is through the heart—your
heart—that higher states of consciousness are realized, and so the
earthquake in Japan is, in many ways, an earthquake of the collective heart.
The times before you are not easy. From our perspective, increased earth
changes are upon you. But one result of such events is that you are shaken
to your roots and the mass hypnosis pauses for a moment.  And in such utter
and surrealistic devastation, many of you see very clearly that your
civilization rests on tenuous grounds. We mean this both literally and

And so our advice for this phase of the Chaotic Node is to learn and master
the ability to create Medicines of Light for yourself, so that when the time
arises, you know how to engage this power of protection and healing that you
possess in your very nature.  And we suggest you navigate through these times
not only with your minds, but with your hearts—and let your hearts be
touched, for it is through your hearts that you will ascend the spiral
pathway to your own greatness (emphasis mine).

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