Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Doldrums

Local Bias had a guest cancellation and is repeating the interview with May Ristich.
May teaches meditation and spiritual philosophy at the Renaissance Center in Gill Ma.
Our next scheduled guest is singer/songwriter Laura Siersema who is currently promoting her recent CD release "Talon of the Blackwater".
Most of the crew are on vacation and I'll be looking for a couple of volunteers to assist in the August 20th production.
While the TV show has been quiet lately, events in our community continue and I invite readers of this blog to send me notices and columns which I will do my best to post in a timely manner.
Several issues in particular pique my interest: Health Care, Energy policy including efforts to shut down Vermont Yankee, Bio Mass, Tax policy, and yes, the debate about Big Box development. Personally, I want to see Vermont Yankee closed, single payer health care, no Bio Mass facility as presently planned in Greenfield and a return to the progressive tax policies which would help curtail the abuses perpetrated by our financial system.

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