Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Love is Greater than Our Fear

Annie Hassett informed me today that the Bridge of Flowers had been repeatedly vandalized recently and she was using the occasion to strengthen the connection Greenfield has with Shelburne Falls. Annie handed me a poem which I read and she gave me permission to share it here.

Be thankful for all transgressions
bestowed upon you by enemies or fate.
Return every abuse with a smile,
pay for each insult with a gift.

A wonderful opportunity to practice
forgiveness and understanding has been gifted.
Only the hurt can hurt; only the angry can anger.
Who but those previously abused, abuse?

It is not the grace of God that keeps me from going there;
I am already there, one with my transgressor,
enmeshed in human misery.
But with thanks I choose not revenge but tolerance.

When the heart opens there are no strangers.
Our love is greater than our fear.
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