Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Press Release From Candidate Oscar Arce

I am originally from Costa Rica; I came to the US in 1984 and have been a Greenfield resident since 1999. Through this time, I have built a record of community outreach, organizing and advocacy, including political and social campaigns committed to empowering individuals of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.  
I have had the opportunity to meet and work with inspiring community leaders on behalf of many different issues, and the common denominator has consistently been focused on making a difference to improve the quality of life for local residents.
In this role, I have worked with colleagues of differing political philosophies, but we recognize that in joining efforts we can accomplish more by working together and motivating others to get involved as well.  This is how we achieve success in a democratic society.
I am committed to community service; it is a passion and an honor to have the opportunity to work on behalf of neighbors and residents in the community and to advance social and civic issues.
Now I would like to represent the Second District in Massachusetts. I will advocate tirelessly for this community, working with the local leaders, listening to their concerns, and facilitating a voice for local constituents at the State level. If chosen to represent the Second District in the State House, it becomes my duty to bring the Government back to the community, meaning that people have the right to know what issues are being addressed and express their feelings directly to me so I may represent the collective interests of the community.

I want to engage with other State representatives to build coalitions, share information and support one another’s goals in order to find effective solutions to the needs of our communities.
We are going through tough economic times. We must gauge public opinion to address the needs of the community and engage the people and resources necessary to resolve the most pressing issues. This must be presented to the constituency in a manner that is accessible to all and easily understood, and the outcomes easily measured.
As a member of the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, I have the know-how to represent this community:
  • I am a member of the affirmative action committee, working to advance opportunities and training for minorities.
  • I am on the board of the Massachusetts Stonewall Democrats, working on behalf of our LGBT community.
  • I am on the board of the Greater Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls, helping to educate the public about the Silvio O. Conte National fish & wildlife refuge.
I am involved with many civic causes because as a social activist and community organizer I recognize that it is our responsibility to work trying to improve the quality of life in Greenfield and surrounding communities.

Do your best for those that defend us, Many thanks,..........................................Oscar
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