Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bio-Mass, or Bio-Mess?

I attended the ZBA bio-mass Public hearing Monday night the 15th. It was scheduled for 7pm in the cafeteria of the middle school, and it didn't take long to fill that space beyond capacity. The ZBA moved the meeting into the auditorium, which proved to be much more comfortable, and conducive to the hearing for everyone.
I sympathize with the board members who sat through the meeting which lasted until just after midnight. Chairman Roy Cowdry was clearly in discomfort, and stoically listened to each speaker. Board member Tom McClellan gave each speaker two minutes, and allowed everyone to finish their thoughts after gently reminding them they had used up their alloted time.
I sympathize even more for the public which came out to share their views and concerns. Clearly, many of them were agitated and fearful of the consequences the proposed facility would have on their homes and quality of life.
This issue is not going away anytime soon. I've spoken with Mike Fritz, an intelligent, knowledgeable and articulate proponent of the Bio-Mass plant about appearing on Local Bias this summer. John Ward, selectman for the Town of Gill, and Co-owner of The Solar Store in Greenfield has also agreed to appear. I usually like to interview my guests one on one, but for this complex issue, I want to hear what Mike and John have to say to each other, as much as what they might say to me.
Our Mayor Elect Bill Martin, who sat through the entire meeting, had a great suggestion that we tackle each issue of the Bio-Mass plant in separate episodes. I don't have the funding to produce a series of that magnitude, but I am willing to set it up if funding is made available to hire crew. I'm grateful that my crew volunteer as much time as they do.
My next guest on Local Bias is Dan McKenna of Greenfield who owns Principle Profits Asset Management. We were originally going to talk about the world of finance, but I'm sure he'll have some expert information on Bio-Mass plants from a "green" investor point of view.
We'll be taping that program around 10:30am Thursday the 25th of June. Studio audience is always welcome.

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  1. Drew,
    Thanks for the update on the BioMESS meeting. I'm looking forward to helping out on the 'Local Bias' production crew for the future tapings on this issue. It's so important to get this information out to the general public. I'm amazed at how many local folks are still in the dark on this BioMESS issue. The more information that GCTV can capture and then broadcast ...the better!
    Richard Roy