Friday, June 12, 2009

Election Post Mortum

We recorded Local Bias yesterday, June 11 and had the good fortune to have Tim Farrell as guest. Those of you who follow Greenfield politics are no doubt aware of Tim. He's not even Forty years old, and seemingly has held office since Lake Hitchcock receded.

The interview will be shown on GCTV Wednesday June 17th at 5:30pm, and repeated Thursday and Saturday 9pm, as well as the following week.

Tim and I discussed the recent Town election. You'll need to tune in if you want to hear what Tim had to say, except he did announce that he is seeking the Town Council President position.

I was not surprised that Bill Martin won the mayoral election. He brought a lot of energy to the race, and did a great job of reaching out beyond his base.

I was surprised that Isaac Mass lost to Marcia Day for the one year school committee seat. He has much greater name recognition than Marcia. Chris Collins in his regular column in the Recorder suggested that her performance in the televised debate helped her cause. I also feel that Isaac didn't focus all his attention on the race. He's been very busy getting his law degree, and balancing that with meeting the needs of his young family. We will be hearing from Isaac in the future.

Keith McCormic defeating Donovan Eastman and Mike Phillips was perhaps even more surprising. Keith strongly supported Question 1 last year, which would have decimated funding for schools. I was so taken with his appearance in the "Grand Finale" debate Barbara Tillmans produced at GCTV, that immediately following it, I asked him to come on Local Bias. I didn't think he was going to win the election, but I thought he would make a great guest, and he has agreed to appear at a future date to be determined.

With seven televised debates, the voters certainly had the opportunity to hear the candidates. Kudos to all the groups and producers which sponsored the debates, as well as the staff at GCTV which provided valuable technical support.

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