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Fraser Echos Roosevelt

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Independent Candidate, Genevieve Fraser, Calls for a Decent Standard of Living for All 
Genevieve Fraser, the Independent candidate for state representative for the 2nd Franklin District has announced that, if elected, she will work to ensure that opportunities within the region will offer a decent standard of living for all.  Her pledge is inspired by the aspirations of the man who lead the Nation out of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Fraser is the author of the World War II book, "In the Claw of the Tiger," the true story of Franklin "Porky" LaCoste who survived the Bataan Death March and POW camps in the Philippines and Japan.
On January 11, 1944, Franklin Delano Roosevelt broadcast a State of the Union Address where he spoke of the need for all freedom-loving nations to join together in a just and durable system of peace. But, according to Roosevelt, “An equally basic essential to peace --permanent peace -- is a decent standard of living for all individual men and women and children in all nations." The President, whose efforts lead to a successful conclusion to World War II, then proceeded to enumerate an Economic “Bill of Rights” which would guarantee: employment, with a living wage; freedom from unfair competition and monopolies; housing, medical care, education, and, social security in old age.
"Like Roosevelt, I’m lead by principles that include building a just and humane society that levels the playing field by providing a strong educational foundation, economic opportunity for all, a flourishing arts community, a safety-net for the most vulnerable, and a strong and affordable health care system," Fraser stated.  "I also believe that a decent standard of living involves environmental safeguards; otherwise, all our lives are put at risk.  However, those safeguards should also include the natural world so that wildlife and the rich variety of habitat it needs thrives."  

"What I bring to the district is several decades of municipal, regional, and state-wide service and leadership which includes an ability to work with others to achieve common goals. As a town official, I dealt with a multitude of issues from the complex to the mundane involving land use, solid waste, and as assortment of environmental threats. As an aide to a state senator, I attended and reported on legislative hearings, worked within the culture of the State House, and on issues facing constituents," Fraser explained.

"As a citizen, I organized Acid Rain Awareness events and led the fight against trash-to-energy and coal-fired power plants.  I also organized a Lion sponsored Task Force against Drug and Alcohol Abuse which brought counseling services to a high school.  As a staff associate at Mount Wachusett Community College, I initiated the creation of the Forest and Wood Products Institute and chaired the Northern Tier Transit Coalition that resulted in the Gardner to Greenfield, G-Link Bus System," Fraser said. 

"But, today the biggest challenge is creating jobs.  If elected to the position of state representative for the 2nd Franklin District, I pledge to work to rebuild our industrial base and local economy – to be a strong voice for you on Beacon Hill, and secure a future for ourselves and generations to come. For these reasons, I ask for your vote on November 2nd," Fraser stated.
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