Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fraser Receives Public Watchdog Endorsement

Public Watchdog Advocate Endorses Genevieve Fraser for 2nd Franklin District State Representative

The architect of the Massachusetts Public Employee "Whistleblower Law," John Gatti Jr., has endorsed the candidacy of Genevieve Fraser, an Independent, for state representative for the 2nd Franklin District.  Fraser is a former aide to retired State Senator Robert Wetmore (D-Barre).  

“It is with great pleasure that I offer a rare, non-political endorsement for the candidacy of Genevieve Fraser for the Office of Massachusetts State Representative in the 2nd Franklin District,” Gatti stated. “Genevieve has an open and proven record of standing up to powerful special interests – and standing up for the interests of citizens, those in need and lacking power who are less fortunate, and small businesses and industries struggling to gain stability for success of their employees and company.”

“I have observed her compassion, care, and concern for citizens and taxpayers and not any special interest group. As an aide to former Senator Wetmore, on policy and issues she unceremoniously has the same ideals as the former Senator.”  Gatti credits his work with Senator Wetmore as crucial in the fight to gain passage of the Public Employee Whistleblower legislation.  This landmark legislation allows employees to report government, waste, fraud, and abuse without fear of retaliation.

“Genevieve will not have a learning curb to do the job for all and not some she represents. Independent minded candidates with a heart and not self interest are needed in these difficult times,” Gatti stated.  “Very rarely does a candidate for public office embody the hearts and hope for people first  - to be a statesperson by standing alone, if needed, against special well financed interests and the boss leadership of both the Republican and Democrats on Beacon Hill.”

“The citizens of the district would be well served by Genevieve Fraser being elected to join others to bring reforms in the Massachusetts Legislature,” Gatti said. 

John Gatti Jr. is the former Massachusetts Director for the former Department of Labor and Industries as well as the former fair labor practices inspector for the state attorney general's office. He also served as an inspector and investigator for the Department of Labor and Industries and Office of Attorney General where he received the Attorney General's Certificate of Merit.
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