Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fraser Endorses Two Democrats

Independent Candidate, Genevieve Fraser, Endorses Two Democrats

The Independent candidate for state representative for the 2nd Franklin District, Genevieve Fraser, has announced her endorsement of two Democrats.  Fraser supports Steve Grossman, the Democratic candidate for state treasurer, and the 10-term Congressman, John Olver (D-Amherst) from the 1st Congressional District.  Both men are facing challengers.

According to Fraser, “The large commercial banks have turned their backs on America.  Along with leading the way into the greatest recession since the Great Depression, they have refused to help finance a recovery despite the fact that the taxpayers bailed them out after they ran the economy into the ground.  Meanwhile, incomes for the wealthiest Americans have increased by 8% at a time when record numbers of Americans – nearly 44 million - are now living in poverty.”

“We can do better.  And we must,” she stated.  “For this reason, I endorse Steve Grossman for state Treasurer who has proposed that Massachusetts treasury funds not be invested with large commercial banks, but rather invested with regional and local banks which will feed these dollars back into our communities.”

“I also endorse Congressman John Olver who has secured 100s of millions of vitally needed dollars for transportation, infrastructure, education, industry, agriculture and services so vitally needed by the people of the region,” Fraser continued.

“We who live in the 2nd Franklin District have inherited three major traditions– the Native American tradition of balance and harmony with nature and wise use of natural resources – the Yankee tradition of ingenuity, independence, and resourcefulness  - and the multicultural traditions of our forebears from the four corners of the globe,” Fraser explained.

“For centuries, our region thrived with a land-based economy that can be rebuilt and made economically viable through an investment in 21st century equipment.  We are artists, craftsmen, scientists, technicians, inventors and skilled industrial workers,” Fraser continued.

“If elected to serve the 2nd Franklin District, I pledge to create a task force dedicated to reclaiming our heritage, rebuilding our industry, and securing a future for ourselves and generations to come.  And if Steve Grossman and Congressman Olver are there to support such a task force, I know we will succeed,” Fraser concluded.
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